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The primary goal of S. Tia Brown’s Do Better, Be Better™ program is to encourage people to make the simple but tough life decisions. She believes people can profoundly improve their live paths if they make just one change today.

The program began to take form through Tia’s experiences as a journalist and television personality. It was sharpened with an advice column she wrote for in which she talked about family, relationships and careers. Tia is now taking Do Better, Be Better™ to the next level with one-on-one coaching, workshops, speeches at seminars and conventions, and published tips and advice.

Check our blog regularly for up-to-date information, answers to questions and helpful tips. Request a workshop or seminar for you and your team, friends and family on how to effectively Do Better, Be Better™.

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Each week, we’ll describe a life skill you can use to become more fulfilled each day and more confident about your chosen path.

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Do you have a topic you would like to talk about with your friends? Book a Girls
Night Out and have Tia host and facilitate
a group session around issue of your choice.


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